Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain. People with Epilepsy can experience frequent seizures of varying type and severity, some of which cannot be controlled with medication. Epilepsy can affect people in different ways and everyone’s experience of living with the condition is different.

We have been providing care and support for people with epilepsy and other complex conditions in their own home for almost 30 years. We provide residential and supported living services throughout the UK, and Independence Homes, one of the UK’s leading community-based epilepsy providers, joined Active Care Group in 2019.

How do we support someone with epilepsy?

We ensure a round-the-clock safe environment for people living with epilepsy, offering only the highest quality specialist care. Epilepsy can present some unique challenges, but we help those that we support to live as independently as possible.

Our teams receive extensive training in Epilepsy to enable them to provide effective and responsive support. Crucially, staff also receive training in understanding and administering emergency medication. These medications are used to treat prolonged and clustered seizures and our ability to administer them, on site, means the people we support are often able to avoid emergency visits to A&E.

We work closely with specialists to create bespoke care plans that meet individual’s needs, have access to the latest advances in technology and medication, and ensure that everyone we support has access to the very best specialist Epilepsy support available.

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