Active Care – it’s what we do, how we work and why we exist.

The Active Care Group is the UK’s leading national provider of complex care, harnessing innovation to raise standards and deliver better outcomes for children, young people and adults.

We provide progressive, personalised care pathways that combine clinical expertise, personal support and therapeutic services, in a range of different settings to meet users evolving needs.
We support people with a range of complex conditions arising from brain and spinal injury, epilepsy, learning and/or physical disabilities, often involving high-dependency ventilation and respiratory care.

Our staff work together every day, alongside family, carers and the wider rehabilitation team, to help people live their best life. We’re committed to helping every person we care for feel happy, safe and empowered.

We believe that better quality care leads to a better quality of life.

During this time of uncertainty in relation to Coronavirus, we are putting all advisory statements on Our response to COVID-19 page and are providing a direct customer email via our Coronavirus Hotline.

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