How did we find RehaCom? – Active Care Group’s story

How did we find RehaCom? – Active Care Group’s story


Dr Jyoti Evans, our Principal Clinical Psychologist at Hunters Moor, sourced RehaCom independently after exploring the possibility of cognitive remediation software as an ultra-modern alternative to traditional pen and paper tasks.

After researching and coming across the German developed system and liaising with RehaCom founder Derek Jones, he explained the success RehaCom has achieved in Europe regarding cognitive remediation skills that are needed for an individual with a brain injury / neurological condition to live an independent life. Dr Jyoti continues to be a passionate supporter of RehaCom and has secured the system for Active Care Group’s Neurological Rehabilitation Unit. Furthermore, if successes are as good as we know they will be, this could lead to the implementation of the RehaCom software throughout all of our residential care homes in the UK.

After trialling the software with several Hunters Moor residents – with two already successfully completing the programme – Dr Jyoti has remarked on the brilliance of RehaCom’s approach to remediation therapy and noted improved abilities within functional tasks. Jyoti and her team have created a database to monitor the resident’s progress, and to see how this translates into everyday functions – such as daily activities of cleaning, shopping, and maintaining personal hygiene.  With data being collected, the plan is to add to the evidence base for electronic cognitive remediation software via research articles.

Since our company officially adopted RehaCom, Dr Jyoti’s business proposal initially was assigned to ten licences, which will be available across two sites – Birmingham (Hunters Moor), and York (Woodlands). Journal publications and literature exposure for Active Care Group and RehaCom is an exciting opportunity for both enterprises.

Jyoti has also contacted local universities who are keen to involve doctorate students to assist with clinical work and data collection for the RehaCom project, as well as forging great connections with international psychologists and the potential opportunities to fly out and visit rehab centres in Germany and Sweden to see how they use the software and vice versa. RehaCom has opened doors for us at Active Care Group to forge links and network with other healthcare providers all across Europe.

For more information and to follow along with exciting updates, please visit the official website here and our specialised page dedicated to all things RehaCom here.