The Laurels team say an emotional goodbye to Sue

The Laurels team say an emotional goodbye to Sue

Sue and the team at The Laurels.

Sue had a stroke in August 2023 which left her with complete left side weakness. At first, Sue was admitted to Lincoln County Hospital, and then in October 2023 she came to The Laurels, our neurological rehabilitation service in Lincolnshire

When Sue arrived at The Laurels, she was transferred using a sit-to-stand aid, with assistance from two staff members. Sue was on slightly thickened fluids and a modified diet. 

Within a month, Sue was able to progress to the assistance of only one staff member while using the sit-to-stand aid. In January 2024, she then further progressed to step transfers using a walking stick. Sue was also able to complete toilet transfers with the assistance of one staff member. 

Throughout her stay, The Laurels team supported Sue in having home visits and overnight stays at her home. She even managed to make it home for Christmas which was so special for Sue and her family. Sue said:

“Everyone at The Laurels is marvellous, and I can’t thank everyone enough.”

Sue left The Laurels at the end of January 2024. She was discharged home on a normal diet and fluids. She was also able to walk out of the service to her car, and transfer into it with the assistance of her husband. 

It was very emotional for everyone as Sue left the service. She will be truly missed by residents and staff. 

A week after Sue left the service, The Laurels received a lovely gift in the post from Sue, thanking the staff for all their hard work and dedication. 

We wish you the best of luck in your rehabilitation journey, Sue!