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Christchurch Group is an award-winning neuro-rehabilitation specialist. We achieve life-changing, evidence-based outcomes for adults with neurological conditions resulting from injury, illness or disease.

Our services include high quality brain injury rehabilitation, neurobehavioural rehabilitation and specialist complex nursing including spinal injury rehabilitation, ventilated care and the management of progressive neurological conditions, within a community setting.

We aim to maximise independence and recovery, equipping residents with the skills to return home or to a supported environment, achieving rehabilitation goals that promote re-enablement and enhance quality of life.


“It makes me really proud when I see someone regain their independence, their physical function, and we’ve supported them to live the life they want to.”

Kevin, Lead Occupational Therapist, Christchurch

Progressive rehabilitation programmes

We develop person-centred rehabilitation programmes, delivered by an interdisciplinary therapy team, which focus on improving functional independence, motivation, cognitive and executive functioning, confidence, positive risk management and the ability to undertake daily living activities such as washing, dressing, cooking and shopping.

We support residents through all stages of the rehabilitation process - from acute rehabilitation to community outreach in their own homes.

“We have people who arrive here unable to feed themselves; clothe and wash themselves; and unable to walk. And they leave here walking, eating, talking and going back to their families”

Alison, Nurse

Industry-leading expertise

We have an industry-leading team of highly expert clinicians, supported by experienced Registered Home Managers, interdisciplinary therapists, specialist nurses and rehabilitation assistants.

The investment in our team is reflected in the quality of care and rehabilitation we provide, giving Christchurch Group an unrivalled level of expertise in neurological rehabilitation.


“Because the level of staffing is so generous, everyone takes time to talk to you, listen, share experiences; to find out how you’re feeling. It makes all the difference and a much richer, positive experience.”

Geoffrey, Service user


“It’s most satisfying when we’ve helped someone who arrived in a very poor state to become a lot better. Many of our patients are ultimately able to return home”

Geoffrey, Service user

Specialist centres

We have centres in six locations. Each centre has state of the art facilities and equipment to support the best standard of care and progressive therapies delivered by our expert teams. We provide a range of accommodation and day services in these settings.

Our facilities are located in the heart of their communities, providing easy access to a broad range of amenities, educational and occupational opportunities and social and leisure pursuits. Residents benefit from a friendly, supportive and homely environment in an atmosphere that is conducive to rehabilitation.
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