Patrick was admitted to Park House after a stroke – this is his story

Patrick was admitted to Park House after a stroke – this is his story


Patrick was admitted to Park House using a Sara Stedy for transfers into his wheelchair with the assistance of 2 support staff, after his stroke. Our Physiotherapist devised a programme, using SMART goals that were reviewed weekly and delivered with the support of our therapy technicians. The starting point was working on Patrick’s co-ordination, balance, and foot placement, alongside strengthening exercises, which then progressed to weight shifting and marching on the spot; using a Zimmer frame for support. From the wheeled Zimmer frame, Patrick moved onto a quad stick and then to a walking stick and now to walking unaided indoors.

One of Patrick’s main goals was to be able to walk up 3 flights of stairs, as he lives in a flat with no lift, so we started with 1 practice step. When he was able to step up and step over the practice step, he was assessed on the first 5 steps on the staircase. As Park House has a double banister, when Patrick was ready, our Physiotherapist emulated the environment in the staircases at home by only using 1 banister. Initially Patrick stopped frequently but he is now walking up 3 flights of stairs without stopping once.

Our Occupational Therapist worked on all aspects of daily living including personal care, meal preparation, drinks preparation, maintaining the home, and worked cohesively with the Physio regarding a shopping assessment. Patrick’s local shop is half a mile away from his home. He is currently able to walk using his walking stick and carrying one bag of shopping, with only one sitting break.


Patrick has been very engaged with his therapy and all of this progress was made within 4 weeks of admission.


The next step of Patrick’s journey will be a home assessment. This will include bath transfer, kitchen, and shopping assessments, and referrals will be made for any necessary equipment. Patrick will also have home leave for a weekend to ensure all is well prior to being discharged, enabling him to live at home safely and independently.