Ventilation & Respiratory

We provide ventilation and airway management support for people who have difficulties with their breathing due to a complex health condition.

This is a clinical process involving helping an individual with their breathing, through tracheostomy care, invasive and non-invasive ventilation and potential suctioning to clear the airways.

How can we support?

We provide expert specialist care for people who need respiratory support linked to complex health needs. Our care covers in-patient acute settings, rehabilitation services, residential care services to care in the home.

Active Care Group operates the Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory Centre together with the NHS, as part of Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. This in-patient centre provides specialist weaning and rehabilitation services for patients after prolonged critical illness.

It bridges the gap between intensive care in the home, optimising care for the patient and providing training for family and care staff. The service is staffed by a team of respiratory consultants, specialist nurses and therapists including physio, occupational and speech & language.

Our residential and care in the home services can continue to support patients discharged from this centre, or from other hospitals with skilled carers and nurses. All staff complete our in-house training course led by a nurse specialist, using researched, best practice guidelines to gain the necessary skills to understand how to provide ventilator support, cough assist, tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy, pulse oximetry, suctioning, nebulizers and enteral feeding tube care.

Sean’s story

“Active Care Group bring peace of mind for my parents when they are away.”

Sean was diagnosed with a spinal injury following a mistreated abscess when he was 17 years old.

Since the injury, Sean has been living with his parents, his two lovely dogs and a pet tortoise. Since 2014, his care has been provided by a dedicated live in and live out team of Personal Assistants from Active Care Group.

Although, Sean is able to direct his care, due to his level of injury, his respiratory function is severely affected and requires a team of clinically competent Personal Assistants to support him throughout the day. Sean is a passionate football supporter of Liverpool FC, and likes weekends away to support his team on the pitch.

Sean says, “Ever since Active supported me, I have been able to travel to see my team play football, home and away. They also bring peace of mind for my parents when they are away. That’s why I love Active Care Group!”


We believe that better quality care leads to a better quality of life

Lucy McGee, Clinical Centre Manager at the Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory Centre.

We have seen several patients admitted to the Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory centre where the referring hospital had no hope in the patient being able to become less dependent on ventilation. However, with dedication and expertise we have managed to achieve progress for them. Even the smallest improvement can be a step change in quality of life and independence for a person.

We run a fully integrated multi-disciplinary approach, each group contributing their specialist skills to provide optimal care and outcomes. The best outcome is when we can support a person to return home, safely after months and months of critical illness.

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