Spinal Injury

We have over 25 years of specialist experience working with and understanding the needs of people with a spinal cord injury.

We have been at the forefront of working with industry experts such as the Multidisciplinary Association for Spinal Cord Injury Professionals and specialist units, as well as client support organisations such as Spinal Injuries Association, The Back Up Trust and Aspire to refine our service provision.

Although damage to the spinal cord will typically result in physical disability, it also has an impact on all areas of life. The level of impact on mobility and / or sensation will vary from person to person, and so too will the level of care and support required.


How can we support?

Active Care Group is dedicated to improving quality of life for individuals living with a spinal injury. This might mean minimal support in the comfort of a person’s own home, or transitional, maintenance and long-term residential care in one of our specialist residential or supported living services, depending on an individual’s complex needs.

Each care plan sets out agreed goals to aim for in line with an individual’s abilities and preferences. Opportunities for progression are built into daily activities - enabling every person in our care to achieve a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

Our spinal injury care extends beyond the individual to family members, friends and carers, as we understand the wider significant impact a spinal cord injury can have. With care, compassion and expertise, our ambition is to maximise the potential and improve quality of life for individuals after a spinal injury.

As spinal injury specialists we are able to offer trained staff to support individuals with:

  • Neurogenic bowel management including use of anal irrigation systems
  • Autonomic dysreflexia management Catheter care and maintenance –with District Nurse provision for routine changes
  • Respiratory care including use of manual cough assist, cough assist machines and ventilators
  • Skin and pressure area care Hoisting, transfers and positioning
  • Our staff can work with physiotherapists and OTs to maintain prescribed splinting, stretching and physio regimes at home.

Roger’s story

“Active Care Group bring peace of mind for my parents when they are away.”

Sean was diagnosed with a spinal injury following a mistreated abscess when he was 17 years old.

Roger broke his neck in a car accident in 1977, on the day he was due to become a professional racing driver. Following many years in hospital, Roger managed to start to live independently with care provided in his own home. This care has been provided by a dedicated live-in team of Personal Assistants from Active Care Group since 1992.

It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that Roger took up painting. An activity in which he has excelled. He has exhibited his paintings at the Royal Academy, and is completely self-taught. Roger is a member of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists and continues to enjoy developing his skills.

Roger says, “Prior to finding Active, there wasn’t a company who supported spinal injuries for people in their own homes. That’s why I love Active Care Group! I like to see my PA’s as friends. We often go out to interesting destinations, such as Kew Gardens and the Classic Car show at The Exxon Centre, near Greenwich.”


Client interview,
CQC Report

Staff knew and respected the people they were caring for, including their preferences, personal histories, and backgrounds. One person told us, “I have a profile in my care plan. Whether they have been before or not, they always read the care plan to check the care I need and whether anything has changed.” Most people had a small group of workers that they were familiar with and a person-centred plan with personal goals and outcomes. People spoke with their staff in a relaxed and friendly manner and engaged with activities together.

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