Learning Disabilities & Autism

We support people with learning disabilities and associated support needs related to the autistic spectrum, personality disorders, mental health conditions, forensic support and complex neurodevelopmental conditions, or a physical disability.


How can we support?

Our bespoke service is aimed at offering the right level of support to meet each person’s needs, helping them to lead as much of an independent life as is possible and to feel happy, safe and empowered.

For each person, we complete a thorough assessment of needs, and develop a personalised care package which focuses on supporting them to achieve their individual goals and lead their best life.

The care package, subject to funding, includes therapeutic sessions designed to address cognitive, behavioural and functional skills; provide guided leisure and social time, and community access; as well as behavioural support and vocational training.

Our care team hold regular review meetings to which family, the referring funding authority, and other involved parties are invited to discuss an individual’s progress and agree next steps. Where appropriate, support will involve obtaining external voluntary or subsidised employment, appropriate training work-based or otherwise, as well as offering support to access formal and informal education opportunities. We continue to actively work on an individual’s goals identified in the assessment.

SH's story

“I like doing sports, going to the gym and playing rugby outdoors. Staff are lovely and I feel I am supported by them.”

SH suffered his first epileptic seizure when he was 7 years old, after developing a liver infection whilst on holiday.

He also had a brain tumour which was partially removed when he was 8 years old. He has been diagnosed with specific learning disabilities, impaired processing speed, word finding, memory and concentration difficulties, as well as problems processing complex information.

Staff follow a behavioural plan to adopt positive techniques and are trained in Positive Behaviour Support to de-escalate and redirect SH in response to his incidents of behaviours that challenge. SH likes to be spoken to with a calm voice and a smiley face. He moved into his current home in 2013.

He shares a two bedroom flat and enjoys wandering around the grounds, being around people, photography, and being active - including taking day trips or visiting the gym.


Family member interview,
CQC Report

People had complex communication needs and staff helped them to express their views in a way that was relevant and appropriate to the person. A relative told us when their family member wished to have a snack, staff opened the fridge and let the person point out and choose the bits of food they wanted to eat. They said, “that may not sound like a lot, but I know my [family member] is happy because they’re eating something they chose for themselves. He feels they need to be in control and they are.”

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