Children &
Young People

We provide support to children and young people with a range of complex acquired and congenital conditions.

Active Care Group is able to provide a choice of high quality, complex care and rehabilitation services, both in the home and in a residential setting, delivered by fully trained support staff.

How can we support?

Each child and family are unique. Our services for children are overseen by a qualified registered paediatric nurse. Our specialist children’s nurses work in collaboration with the child / young person including their family, CCGs and case managers as well as schools, colleges and universities to develop a personalised care plan. This bespoke support helps the child or young person to achieve their individual goals and get the most from life.

Regular reviews by our CYP team from across the Active Care Group mean that the care given is continually reassessed and adapted to meet, and where possible, exceed the child’s developing needs. All staff work collaboratively to learn from each other, combining expert knowledge, commitment and passion to deliver excellent care and support for every person in our care.

We also recognise that the transition from paediatric to adult services is often very challenging. The CYP team aims to provide a smooth transition experience, seeking to guide, support and signpost young people; helping to encourage and empower them through their transition journey.

Jack’s story

“Just wanted to say, Jack is home from hospital and no tracheostomy! Wonderful news. Many thanks to you all for your help over the years.”

Active Care Group started working with Jack in 2017, when he was less than 12 weeks old. He was born with a genetic condition affecting his palate and airways, requiring a tracheostomy and a naso-gastric (NG) tube. Active Care Group supported Jack by working in partnership with his parents to provide NG and tracheostomy care.

Jack is a happy resilient child whose placid manner and sunny disposition meant caring for him was a dream.

Tracheostomy care for small children requires close monitoring as deterioration can be quick and serious. This invariably means that the child cannot be left alone.

Jack was the youngest child of a family of three with his two older siblings due to be starting nursery and school. This busy family needed support to bring Jack home, whilst maintaining key focus on Jack’s siblings.

As part of the support offered to Jack’s parents, Active Care Group undertook waking night support, to enable the family to rest at night knowing Jack was safe.

In 2019, Jack was successfully decannulated, as Jack no longer needed an airway bypass, enabling Jack to breath freely through his airways.

Jack has now started at nursery and is leading a full and happy life, free from tracheostomy care and we couldn’t be prouder of our part in achieving this.


PA training, Care Service Manager

The PA knew the client incredibly well - her likes and dislikes. This particular client does not always like cuddling as she is often in pain and can get uncomfortable in a sitting position. Not only was the client comfortable sitting with the PA, her heart rate significantly reduced and she fell sleep for an hour on the PA’s lap.

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