Brain Injury

Active Care Group is the UK’s leading provider of specialist case management, neuro-rehabilitation, and complex care support for people of all ages who have sustained a brain injury.

We have many years of specialist experience in providing rehabilitation to people with an acquired brain injury. We provide specialist treatment, rehabilitation and support packages, allowing individuals to optimise functioning, independence and quality of life.

How can we support?

Our aim is to empower and support people to reach their full potential and maximise their rehabilitation opportunities in order to achieve the best quality of life.

At Active Care Group, we make the complex simple. Our clinical teams provide life-changing rehabilitation and care for people of all ages with complex neurological needs.

Our broad range of services across the UK - from specialist rehabilitation centres to residential and supported living facilities - means we can support an individual and their family every step of the way.

We also provide community outreach services, case management and complex care in the home allowing us to continue to support individuals once they have returned home.

Our clinical teams and therapists are experts in re-enablement. Our interdisciplinary teams develop person-centred rehabilitation programmes designed to build core skills and regain independence. Our evidence-based programmes focus on rehabilitation of physical function; cognitive skills; emotional and psychological well-being; communication; the ability to undertake daily living activities and to retur to education, occupational and vocational work.

Paul’s story

Paul’s determination shone throughout his rehabilitation and he was motivated to get back to education and work.

Paul was diagnosed with toxic and hypoxic brain damage aged 20. This injury rendered Paul immobile and dependent on others for all activities of care and daily living.

Paul was referred to the team at Neural Pathways where he underwent inpatient rehabilitation in a partner unit, followed by a community based intensive package.

With the support of his family and friends and with the right level of therapeutic intervention, in the right place, at the right time, Paul has been able to achieve a much greater level of independence.

Having exceeded everyone’s expectations, Paul has had to have his goals and expectations revisited. He is now able to walk for short periods independently, using his walking frame. He has returned to work and is learning to drive.

One of Paul’s greatest achievements to date was to play a set at a music festival in front of thousands of people, and he continues to play live with his band White Dove. Paul also fulfilled another personal milestone by getting married to his long term partner Rachel, in October 2019.


Staff interview,
CQC Report

Staff told us training was tailored around people’s needs. One staff member told us, “People’s conditions are personal to them, and everyone is different, therefore the training has to be person-centred.” When they assessed a new client, and they did not currently have a training course to support that specific need, then their team of clinical managers created the relevant training course.
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