Remeo support Back Up Wine Tasting Fundraising Event

Michelle Freeman from Remeo and her family joined the Back Up Virtual Wine Tasting Event hosted by Elliot Anwin and Back up’s Ollie Thorn. It was a fun, warm, sunny evening spent learning about the wines of France, via Zoom in the garden.

The event raised over £5,000 which will go directly to Back Up. The monies raised will help Back Up keep their vital services running during the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to provide support to people affected by spinal cord injury now and in the future.

Back Up services support during Covid-19

Any kind of spinal cord injury is a life-changing experience and Back Up services are here to support people with a spinal injury. They are all practical and peer-led and challenge the perceptions of what’s possible and increase skills, independence and confidence when living with a spinal cord injury.

With Covid-19, Back Up have wanted to use their many years of experience to motivate, support and encourage the community to adjust to the current circumstances and overcome the challenges as best we can. An overview of the services they offer, are summarised below with more information and contact details available via their website.

Back Up support services include:

  • The Back Up Lounge – this is an online forum open to everyone affected by spinal cord injury where no conversation topic is off-limits.
  • Telephone support service – this is available to anyone with a spinal cord injury and their family members.
  • Mentoring – The Back Up mentoring service can put someone in contact with a volunteer mentor.
  • Family support – family mentors all have personal experience of spinal cord injury and are here to support whatever age and whichever member of the family has a spinal cord injury
  • Wheelchair skills training – Back Up are currently not running face-to-face training sessions, but their trainers have produced a range of videos demonstrating the basics of using a wheelchair.
  • Peer Support LIVE – this is a new service, which is a dedicated forum for those newly injured and their families to talk through any concerns they may have to help them positively adjust to life after spinal cord injury.

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