Rehab Without Walls shares lessons learned in lockdown

As we begin to see lockdown restrictions easing around the UK, and the first steps towards a return to ‘business as usual’, the Rehab Without Walls case management team have been reflecting on some of the unexpected positives to have come from case managing in lockdown, and what can be learned from them going forward.

Case managers shared examples of situations where their clients have benefitted from some of the enforced adaptations to the way their rehabilitation and support packages have been run during lockdown, including use of video conferencing enabling shorter, more frequent communication, increased collaboration with MDTs and pared-back, simplified timetables of therapy and support.

The RWW team are now looking ahead to how some of the things they’ve learned in lockdown might be incorporated into their future case management practice.

You can read the full article on the Rehab Without Walls website.

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