New Intranet Launch

New Intranet Launch


We recently launched a new intranet for staff across the group with the aim of streamlining information, good news and information access to improve ways of working.

Louise, Head of Internal Communications and Engagement says:

“Communication is key to the success for any business, ever more crucial, the larger the organisation, and when colleagues are dispersed up and down the country. An intranet is the digital doorway to your corporate head office. Once you step inside, it should be friendly, informative, colourful, inviting, and easy to navigate. It should hold information that supports colleagues’ day to day work and include bundles of information to support colleague’s health and wellbeing and career development aspirations. Building upon the superb work of our Marketing team, the intranet also reflects our brand – colleagues should instantly recognise and identify with the site.

Colleagues within our Group are now able to feel more engaged, keep up to date with news. Everyone’s news, not just corporate news. Colleagues can collaborate, they can provide ideas and feedback, they can take ownership of their career pathways and importantly, they can feel valued and recognise their individual contribution to the success of the Group. The new intranet will continue to shine a light on the amazing work that happens each and every day. Crucially, it will enable our colleagues to feel connected.

Human beings are social species, we are wired to connect! According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, besides food, water, and safety, love and belonging are the most important needs we must fulfil. This includes our desire for interpersonal relationships, intimacy, to connect with others, and to be integrated into a group. When these needs are met, our overall well-being improves, and we live a more fulfilled life.”