Neural Pathways host Super Quiz

Since the UK went into lockdown on 23 March, Neural Pathways have been working innovatively, adapting their practice and using a wide variety of video calling platforms to deliver remote sessions to their clients and ensure they are able to continue their neurorehabilitation.

Of course, the staff themselves are all now working from home, so Jill Kings (Clinical Director) and her Senior Management Team have kept staff morale at the forefront of their minds and have constantly offered support, not only in working with clients, but also with looking after their physical and mental health during this difficult time.

With that in mind, a team building quiz night was suggested and Claire Marley, Group Operations Lead, was quizmaster for the evening which proved to be a great success. The success of this first quiz led Gail Archer, Group Innovations Lead, and Alastair White, Business Development Lead, to suggest putting on a larger quiz, open to all those who work in the neuro rehabilitation field in the North East/Cumbria area. The idea of a Neural Pathways Super Quiz was born!

Alastair White was tasked with putting the quiz together, hosting it on Zoom, and inviting teams across the region. He was a bit conservative at first, initially approaching around 20 people, but interest grew and by the end there were over 70 people participating!

Neural Pathways felt that the main purpose of the quiz was for everyone to have fun, so they encouraged participants to involve their families as well. Participants were also encouraged to dress up for the occasion and quite a few went all out, donning tuxedos, ball gowns and fascinators!

In the end 15 teams participated, with some very entertaining names, such as ‘Quentin Quarantino’, ‘Quarantina Turner’, ‘I Get Locked Down, But I Get Up Again’ and ‘Never Gonna Quiz You Up‘.

The triumphant winners were the Nosey Parkers from JS Parker, a sister company within the Active Care Group.

What was really good to see was the after-quiz glow, as many stayed online and caught up. This event was certainly a much-needed morale boost for many colleagues and associates in the catastrophic injury field in the North East and Cumbria area.

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