Neural Pathways’ Gail shares her expertise on Vestibular Rehabilitation

Gail Archer, Clinical Innovations Lead and Group Lead Occupational Therapist at Neural Pathways, was recently invited to lend her expertise to Burnetts Solicitors’ webinar focusing on Vestibular Rehabilitation.

The session, organised by Serious Injury Associate Solicitor Paul Brown, involved an outline of vestibular injuries, the audiology, physical and functional aspects of rehabilitation with a focus on helping people to reduce their dizziness to improve their quality of life and engagement in daily life.

Gail said: “It was an honour to be asked to speak at this event for the second time and to do so alongside such knowledgeable people in the field of brain injury.  We want to raise awareness of this client group and help people to understand how it affects clients and how we can help to reduce their symptoms and the impact of these on their daily life.”

The full webinar is available to view on YouTube here.

Gail and the other speakers also contributed to a feature for the NR Times magazine, collated by Paul Brown, on the same topic. You can read the article from page 66 here.


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