Moorpark Place rated ‘Good’ in latest Care Inspectorate report

Moorpark Place rated ‘Good’ in latest Care Inspectorate report


Congratulations to Moorpark Place for receiving a ‘Good’ rating across all Quality Inspection Framework evaluations: supporting resident’s wellbeing, leadership, the staff team, setting and care and support, in their latest Care Inspectorate report.

Located in a peaceful and stunning setting in Kilbirnie, Scotland, Moorpark Place specialises in providing supportive, therapeutic care to adults with learning disabilities and autism. Moorpark Place consists of 25 individual houses, where each resident has their own home set within large, picturesque grounds.

The inspection was unannounced and was completed on Thursday 21st December 2023. The inspectors spoke to staff members and family members during the inspection, and their comments were included in the report.

It highlighted that the areas that were highlighted for improvement during the previous inspection had been addressed.

Residents’ wellbeing

The report highlighted the team’s impressive work on supporting residents’ wellbeing. The inspectors said the service had a culture of person-centred care, with staff demonstrating their knowledge of people and their support requirements. They found that residents at the service experienced respectful, attentive, and compassionate support, which demonstrated how well staff knew people and their preference of how support should be provided. They saw warm and genuine relationships between individuals supported and staff.

Family members commented on the wellbeing of the residents:

“The team are excellent. They treat him as an individual and respect him.”

“The support provided to her is wonderful and the difference in them is amazing. Finding Moorpark was the best thing that ever happened to her.”

“I am going out with a friend and two staff for Christmas day dinner, and really looking forward to this.”

“He is having a big birthday party in January and all the staff and people who live there are involved in planning and arranging it which is great.”

Moorpark Place were also praised for providing a range of activities for the residents at the service. The report highlighted the service had been focusing on increasing meaningful and occupational activity opportunities to promote wellbeing. This included a wide range of individualised activities being planned and organised both within the service and in the local community, which has improved people’s quality of life.

A family member told inspectors: “Support is now more people focused and there are a lot more social things going on.”

Our leadership team

The report commented on the robust audit framework of the management team. The inspectors found Moorpark Place has developed an audit framework, which clearly details quality assurance activities, and who is responsible for what and when. They found a variety of tools have been developed to track a range of key systems in place across the service, and that this gave the management team clear overview of the quality assurance activities being carried out.

Our staff team

The inspectors were impressed with the confidence of the staff team, and the wide range of training opportunities in place. The report stated:

“People can expect to have confidence in their staff team, because they are trained, competent and skilled. Induction training is extensive, covering a wide range of topics preparing new recruits well for their role.”

The inspectors found senior staff being involved in delivering training, resulted in sessions being tailored and specific to the needs of the service. Staff members shared with inspectors they feel the training over the past year has built their knowledge, confidence, and ability to carry out their role. 

Staff members said:

“I really liked the induction. We talked through each resident which gave a good overview. Autism training helped to understand people better.”

“I know what to do when I am supporting with medication. The training really helped increase my awareness and highlighted my responsibilities.”

Margaret-ann Robinson, Service Manager said: “It really is wonderful for the Moorpark team’s hard work to be recognised. I am really proud of the team, and we are determined to continue to go from strength to strength. It is putting our residents at the heart of everything we do and working in partnership with them, and their families regarding their care and the decisions that affect them, that is both the focus and the ethos at Moorpark. We are looking forward to our journey in 2024.”

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