Miniature Pony ‘Daisy’ Brings Joy to Conifer Lodge

Miniature Pony ‘Daisy’ Brings Joy to Conifer Lodge


Residents at Conifer Lodge had a memorable and magical visit from Nicky Hill, owner of Miniature Dreams, and of course Daisy, the miniature Shetland pony.

Our Nursing Assistant, Debbie Pledge, said of the experience:

It was just fabulous to see the smiles on everyone’s faces. It was an amazing experience for everyone. Daisy was so well behaved! The residents were able to groom her, there was lots of cuddles and a carrot or two was given. Nicky was extremely kind, gentle and considerate of our patient’s needs. It was a lovely event that was informative too and the team would highly recommend the experience.

Nicky Hill, owner of Miniature Dreams told us a bit about her business and what she thought of her visit to Conifer Lodge.

I created the business originally for tiny tots, as I was an early learning practitioner. I have since grown the business, and now enjoy visiting care homes too. The health benefits of being able to stroke, pet, love, smell and touch an animal is so powerful. My visit to meet the team and residents was superb, it was a tremendous experience.

“At the end of my visit, the team told me that one of the residents was normally quite shy and quite often would not engage. Without much encouragement he got up to lead and walk Daisy. He spent time grooming her from top to bottom! My work is so rewarding and not just for me.

“I came away feeling both proud of myself and proud of Daisy, who is a baby at 4 years old and still learning herself.”