Michael’s Story, Prospect Court have helped him find purpose and new-found confidence

Michael’s Story, Prospect Court have helped him find purpose and new-found confidence


Michael has been a resident at Prospect Court since July 2019. With a diagnosis including complex systemic epilepsy, cerebral palsy, ASD and injuries associated with his epilepsy, Michael was assessed by our MDT and a comprehensive support plan put in place on admission.  

Due to Michael’s complex epilepsy and increased risk of Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy, the team at Prospect Court have worked with Michael to arrange for him to use an epilepsy alarm pad to detect night seizures along with providing 24-hour waking care. This has offered reassurance to both Michael and his family that there is always assistance on hand should it be required.

Michael wears a specialised protective made-to-measure helmet both indoors and outdoors as well as an epilepsy fall alarm. Staff at Prospect Court are specially trained to understand and respond appropriately to Michael’s seizures when they occur.

When Michael first arrived, his anxiety meant that he displayed some disruptive behaviours including being afraid of hospitals which sometimes led to uncontrolled emotions. Since working with Michael to develop his independence and introducing structure into his life, both Michael’s mother and the team at Prospect Court have seen significant progress in Michael.

Staff assist him with daily activities such as personal hygiene, medication management, and give full support with his dietary needs and meal preparation whilst ensuring Michael has choice in his diet.

Michael now attends college twice weekly and enjoys doing his own grocery shopping. He is always accompanied by a member of staff who encourages him to be as independent as possible whilst remaining safe.

He is now much more independent, and calls Prospect Court his home. He shares a flat with another resident who he gets on with very well. Michael has also made friends with other residents. As a result of finding friends and socialising at the service, Michael’s phone calls home, have become less frequent which indicates just how settled and happy he is. Being at Prospect Court has given him a sense of purpose, an understanding of boundaries, and a new-found confidence that he never had before.

Michael’s mother is delighted with the relationship that has formed between her, her son, and the staff at Prospect Court. She tells us:

“Michael has had some complex injuries associated with his epilepsy which have required overnight hospital stays and medical intervention. A member of staff is always with him and even when I am at hospital with him, a member of staff visits daily to check he is being looked after. If he is admitted by ambulance, he is accompanied by a member of staff which greatly reduces Michael’s anxiety. Prospect Court keep me fully updated by phone and email together with any follow-up that might be needed.”

“Also, whenever I have Michael at home with me for any length of time, Prospect Court always keep in contact and always make sure that he has adequate medication and support.”

“Brian and his team have given myself, my family, and Michael, support that is beyond the call of duty, in the hospital and at home. They have been phenomenal in every aspect of Michael’s care, always putting Michael as a priority and keeping me updated with an ‘open door policy’.  They are always willing to listen to Michael, should he have any worries or concerns.”

“The duty of care and professionalism is outstanding, and Michael has never been looked after to this degree. He is the happiest and most settled I have ever seen him, and this is a testament to Brian and his team.”

“It is difficult to find words worthy of such praise and we were certainly fortunate of the day Prospect Court accepted Michael as one of its residents.”

“Prospect Court is “The Dream Team” and an asset to Active Care Group.”