Meet our Matron at Hunters Moor

Meet our Matron at Hunters Moor


Our Matron at Hunters Moor, Alison Hickman, tells us all about how she is settling into her role, and what she is most looking forward to at Hunters Moor. Alison has extensive experience in the industry, has worked at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, and is well regarded by commissioners.

Hunters Moor provides specialist Level 2 Neurological Rehabilitation and Neurobehavioral services to people aged over 18 in Birmingham. We’re committed to helping every person we support feel safe, happy, and empowered, enabling them to live the best life possible.  

How has it been settling into your role as Matron at Hunters Moor?

“I’ve been really busy implementing new staffing structures and new handover method strategies for delivering care to patients. I’ve been focusing on teamwork, cohesive practice, morale, and engagement. I’m actively creating a working environment for all. It’s important to empower staff to contribute to service development and resident engagement.

“I’ve introduced restorative practice looking at health and wellbeing of colleagues. I’m excited to be supporting our Rehabilitation Assistants who are working through apprenticeships and developing their careers long term, whether that be qualifying as a nurse or a therapist.”

What do you most enjoy about being Matron?

“I really like and have a passion for helping brain injured patients. I enjoy just being able to work with staff who are considerate and enthusiastic. I’ve seen a change at Hunters Moor since January as motivation has increased massively amongst the staff. I’ve loved supporting a culture where everyone looks forward to coming to work, and together, we make residents the centre of our care.”

What are you looking forward to at Hunters Moor?

“I am definitely looking forward to getting more new residents. Alongside the extensive training recently introduced, we are now able to care for a broader range of needs including those referrals we have previously been unable to accept. Admissions are now accepted for more complex residents who may have a Tracheostomy or spinal cord injury.

“My goal is to further increase our ability to manage complex need individuals. I would like to extend our offer further in the future. We have our purpose build 9 bed unit on site, which could provide further flexibility in our offer in dedicated areas at Hunters Moor.”