Meet Damilola Kuti, our new Service Manager at Foxhills Farm

Meet Damilola Kuti, our new Service Manager at Foxhills Farm


We’d like to introduce our new Service Manager at Foxhills Farm, Damilola Kuti. Damilola has experience in working with people with Autism, Learning Disabilities, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Mental Health, and has a real passion for care.

Foxhills Farm is our Residential Living Care Service in Hampshire where we support young people with learning disabilities and behaviours that challenge.

Can you tell us a bit about your career background and experience?

“My career background has always been in Business. I had a degree in Economics before deciding to come to the UK to study a master’s in accounting in 2015. I then started working in care as a part time agency worker in different homes for Learning Disability, Autism, Elderly care, Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Mental Health, in and out of Southampton. I was able to learn different working ethics across the different homes, familiarising myself with the agreed ways of supporting service users using person-centred care.

“I then got a permanent job in a Supported Living accommodation for Autism and Learning Disabilities. I enjoyed working with people with Autism which prompted me to complete an NVQ 3 at the same time as finishing my Master’s.

“I decided to remain in care because it became a career that brought satisfaction to me. I moved up the ladder and was promoted to Team Leader which allowed me to make changes in the organisation. I completed my Level NVQ 5 and was asked to step in as an Interim Deputy Manager which gave me the opportunity to learn the operational day to day affairs in the home. I was promoted to the Deputy Manager role, which I did for 4 years while studying and planning for a family. I have completed my Master’s in Accounting and I am currently in the middle of completing my Level 7 in Leadership in Healthcare. This has now led me to Active Care Group as a Registered Manager.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Foxhills Farm so far?

“My favourite thing about working at the service is seeing the smile on one of the resident’s faces during the picnic event I organised in the garden. The resident accepted me into her world by asking for the pictures we took together and giving me hugs.”

Can you give us an overview of the services that are provided at Foxhills Farm?

“We provide person-centred care for our service users, and we listen to them about their care. We ensure that their well-being is protected and that they feel safe in their home.”

What are the team like at Foxhills Farm?

“The team are diverse and from different backgrounds. They have their individual skills and experience that contributes to the robustness of the service we render.”

What is your vision for the service and where would you like it to be in the next few years?

“My vision for the service is to work with the service users, family members and professionals to improve the quality of care received at Foxhills Farm.”

And finally, what do you like to do in your spare time?

“I love cooking and reading.”