Meet Bradley Thompson, our Service Manager at Liberty Court

Meet Bradley Thompson, our Service Manager at Liberty Court


Bradley Thompson is our new Service Manager at Liberty Court. Bradley tells us about his experience, how he is settling into Liberty Court, and his vision for the service.

Liberty Court is our Supported Living Care Service in Surrey where we provide people with the support they need in their homes, helping to promote independence and maintain a high standard of both physical and mental wellbeing. 

Can you tell us a bit about your career background and experience?

“I started my career in Health and Social Care in November 2009 with Mencap. I became a Support Worker in the Northeast area. I was working in community support with residents with various conditions from autism to epilepsy. I was taking residents to day centres and activities, and then that progressed to working in a Care Home. I was working there doing some sleep ins and helping them with shift cover. I then happened to move down South and continued being a Support Worker for Mencap.

“From there I progressed to Team Developer at Mencap. I also completed my Level 3 Diploma. After this I moved on to work at a college as a Team Leader, and progressed and completed my Level 5 in 2017. I then went into Mental Health and became a Deputy Manager at a Mental Health service that was new; I was a part of starting that service from scratch. We started off with a 12-resident capacity, and then this expanded to three services with an overall capacity of 36 residents. I was at that company for 3 years and then I joined Active Care Group as Service Manager for Liberty Court.”

What is your favourite thing about working at Liberty Court?

“The people. The staff members here make up a very formed and structured team. We have good staff retention, and I can see why because the team work really well together. They are an inclusive team, and I am enjoying getting to know them all.”

What are the team like at Liberty Court?

“We have a Support Worker team, including Day Support Workers and Waking Night Support Workers who support the residents in a person-centred way following their care plan. 

“We have a small team of Senior Support Workers.

“We also have a Deputy Manager and an Admin Assistant.

“The team have helped me learn about the service, and I am keen to implement strategies to improve the service.”

Can you give us an overview of the services that are provided at Liberty Court?

“We offer a warm, nurturing environment with a holistic approach to care, encouraging a unique environment of support for adults requiring help to live independently in their own homes, within a community-based setting.

“We provide a range of services including mental wellbeing, emotional support, arranging activities, physical health, and helping people to attend medical appointments.

“The residents have a core support package. Their support package is aimed around their needs so if they require extra support such as 1:1 support, we will provide this. This could be around a number of things such as their health, support with their epilepsy, communication needs, activities, and attending appointments.”

What is your vision for the service and where would you like it to be in the next few years?

“My Operations Manager and I are implementing strategies to improve the service. We are looking at evidencing and recording appropriately, and liaising this with the wider team. I am currently looking at the structure of the service which involves delving into the team roles, looking at their responsibilities, and adjusting things to suit their role. For example, I’m looking at involving some team members in creating and reviewing support plans. I believe that changing the structure of the team will improve the service as a whole.”

“Providing coaching to team members around admin, technology, and setting support plan tasks is also important.”


What do you like to do in your spare time?

“I love keeping active and exercising regularly – it’s a passion for me. I read every evening and wind down with a fictional book. Some authors that I love include Lee Charles and Clive Cussler.

“Also, there is nothing like watching Netflix! It allows you to switch off and unwind.”