Holybourne Hospital

Adult Mental Health Care Service in London

Holybourne Hospital is an Adult Mental Health hospital for people of all genders with severe and complex mental health conditions based in London. We provide high quality intensive treatment in a clinically safe, caring and secure environment.


Capacity up to 41

Mental Health

All Genders


A mental health service providing treatment in a caring, secure environment.

This service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Click here to view our latest report & rating.

Across four wards we support people over the age of 18 who are detained under the Mental Health Act 1983 (amended 2007). We can also admit patients who require detoxification from alcohol or drugs or patients who are under a revoked Community Treatment Order (CTO).

Our well-established clinical team at Holybourne Hospital is led by our Medical Director, Hospital Director, Head of Therapies and Hospital Matron. Patients are further supported by two other Consultant Psychiatrists. 

Our senior clinical team have support from an extensive team. Support includes clinical psychology, nursing, support staff, occupational therapists, art psychotherapists, activity co-ordinators, administrators, housekeeping, catering and maintenance staff.

We have an Art Therapy room, ADL Kitchen, Gym, Multi Faith Room, there are 3 garden areas and on site parking. We also have a service user expert who works with us on a weekly basis supporting patients in the service and involving them in service reviews and development.

Our wards:

Barnes Ward, Male Acute – 9 beds
Kingston Ward, Female Acute – 9 beds
Richmond Ward, Male Acute – 10 beds
Osman Ward, Female Acute – 13 beds

Our Acute Units are for patients of all genders, patients are either detained or are there voluntarily. With intensive support from our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT), there is opportunity for patients to work through their mental health problems in a secure environment. At Holybourne Hospital we welcome patients to our acute unit from other PICU services as well are part of the discharge pathway from our own PICU service.

Conditions we support, but are not limited to:

  • Unexplained psychotic episodes
  • Drug induced psychoses
  • Severe depression
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Axis 1 type disorder such as mania or schizophrenia
  • Personality disorder
  • Borderline intellectual disability
  • Acute episodes requiring intensive care
  • Risky behaviours such as absconding, self-harm, suicide attempts

41 Bedrooms

Holybourne Hospital is one of the largest specialist faculties in the UK dedicated entirely to mental health.

Gym & enclosed sports area

On our site is an enclosed sports and gym area allowing residents to keep fit, socialise and enjoy recreational activities.

Designated art room

We have a designated art room which is open to all our residents allowing them to express and indulge their creative sides.

Kitchen / dining area

Holybourne Hospital has a large kitchen / dining area for communal eating where everyone is encouraged to convene.

Large garden

We have a large secure garden where residents are encouraged to cultivate plant life whilst learning new skills in the process.

Therapy suite

Our Therapy suite is open to all, allowing for residents to talk through their thoughts and feelings openly with trained staff members.

Holybourne Hospital is raising standards and improving outcomes

Holybourne Hospital works in partnership with Real Insight, an external consultancy led by service user consultants, to positively impact the structure of services to ensure we deliver excellent standards of care whilst creating a supportive environment for our staff.

Real Insight conduct audits from a service user perspective on topics including communication, patient experiences, staff and patient relations, and safety. Through their work they have developed a model that looks at Trust, Relationships, Mutual Acceptance, Learning & Discovery, Hopefulness, Empowerment & Direction and Meaning.

This innovative service-user led approach means service user involvement has become an integral part of our service design and delivery helping us to develop a pioneering service. Staff and service users alike at Holybourne Hospital are empowered to take meaningful and effective roles in co-designing their own solutions and services to meet their needs.

Experts by experience achievements so far:

  • Improved CQC rating from Requires Improvement to Good
  • Implemented a 5-step rolling process for continuous auditing and assessment of the service
  • Patients feel proactively involved in their care
  • Introduced a welcome pack for patients, created by patients
  • Consulted patients on their understanding and experience of the Use of Force and Restrictive Practices
  • Staff feel their suggestions are valued and recognised
  • Developed a tailored induction for new starters to highlight our service-user led approach
  • Finalist in the LaingBuisson Awards 2022

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Our goal is to care for people and help them lead rich, rewarding and meaningful lives, however that looks for them. Download our brochure to learn more about the services we provide at Active Care Group.

Commitment to Quality

At Holybourne Hospital we have aligned and agreed our strategic goals to define what we want our organisation to achieve. This means we have also aligned them with the five domains of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection standards to ensure we provide the very best care possible to all our residents.

Our Address

Holybourne Avenue, Roehampton, London, SW15 4JD

Contact Number

Tel: 020 8780 6155


Email: acg.referrals@nhs.net or
Call: 0330 660 5555

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