Lily the therapy dog visits our Nottingham Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre

Lily the therapy dog visits our Nottingham Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre

Patient in a wheelchair with Lily, a fluffy white dog on her lap. Jane who is Lily's owner is stood next to the patient.

Nottingham Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre recently had a special visitor — Lily the therapy dog!

Many patients welcomed the opportunity to meet Lily as a lot of them have their own pets, so they are used to the company of animals.

Hospital Director Osvaldo Soetsane, alongside our Activity Coordinator’s Emma and Bev, organised Jane, the dog therapist to come in for therapy sessions at the service.

Patients really enjoyed the sessions and said they would like them to continue, which they will, as Emma and Bev have arranged for Jane and Lilly to return every Wednesday afternoon for around two hours. This will be in group settings and also on a one-to-one basis.

Jane had breaks with Lily between sessions to ensure Lily was happy and able to continue to support the patients through their sessions. Jane used to be a teacher; her calm approach and how she communicated with the patients was brilliant.

Emma Murden, our Activity Coordinator said:

“Animal therapy provides a sensory experience for patients as well as a comfort. It allows them time to relax and experience something new. We experienced expressions of smiling from patients that showed the pleasure Lilly provided them, as well as communication from patients speaking about their pets or interests around Lilly. 

“We are big believers in animal therapy being as much for the animal as it is for the patients, and the animal’s welfare is highly important. Jane knows Lilly well and is able to recognise how she is feeling to keep Lilly and everyone else safe.”