King’s Norton Hospital achieves five-star food hygiene rating

King’s Norton Hospital achieves five-star food hygiene rating

The kitchen team celebrating getting five stars.

We are thrilled to announce that King’s Norton Hospital has achieved the highest possible food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency. This remarkable accomplishment reflects the relentless hard work, dedication, and teamwork of our exceptional kitchen team.

“All at Kings Norton are immensely proud of our fabulous kitchen team for obtaining this rating. It is a testament to their hard work, dedication and teamwork demonstrated on a daily basis. The praise they receive on a consistent basis from our patient group further confirms this,” — Craig Ward, Hospital Director, King’s Norton Hospital.

Our Head Chef Dean shared his thoughts on their achievement, saying, “A five-star rating is not just a number — it’s a testament to our hard work and passion for delivering quality and safety in every dish we serve. We take pride in knowing our kitchen meets the highest standards, and ensuring our patients’ health and welfare are well looked after.”

This five-star rating is not only a reflection of the high standards maintained in the kitchen but also of the hospital’s overall commitment to excellence in patient care. The kitchen team’s dedication to providing nutritious meals is a crucial part of the holistic care we offer at King’s Norton Hospital.

The kitchen team have also told us how pleased they are to have achieved this rating, saying, “We are incredibly proud of our five-star food hygiene rating. It’s a team effort that showcases our dedication to providing the best and safest dining experience for our patients.”

Patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. One patient shared, “It’s reassuring to know that the hospital prioritises food hygiene to such a high standard. 

“The five-star rating gives me complete confidence in eating here.”

Congratulations to the kitchen team, and everyone at King’s Norton Hospital, on this fantastic achievement!