Kaylie’s encephalitis recovery: occupational therapy and Disney-themed fun

Kaylie’s encephalitis recovery: occupational therapy and Disney-themed fun

Kaylie and the team at Hothfield.

In January of this year, Kaylie’s life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with encephalitis, a severe inflammation of the brain. The diagnosis was incredibly difficult for Kaylie, but she was determined to make a full recovery. 

Kaylie was admitted to Hothfield Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre, where she embarked on a remarkable recovery journey. Over the past 12 weeks, Kaylie has been working with our occupational therapy and psychology teams to improve her cognition skills. Her dedication and perseverance have been truly inspiring.

During her recovery process, Kaylie’s family have been there every step of the way. Their love and encouragement have played a pivotal role in her progress. Kaylie’s brother, who shares a passion for car racing, suggested holding a fundraising event on a racing day to support Encephalitis International. His idea was a resounding success, raising an impressive £474 for the charity.

The event was also a major milestone in her recovery because she got to spend the day in among the crowds, enjoying the cars and generally having a great day out with her family!

Kaylie had also been planning to get married this year in Florida, which she has sadly postpone to 2025. So to make sure they didn’t entirely miss out, Occupational Therapist Rosi and Assistant Psychologist Ayanna organised a special celebration for Kaylie and her fiancé, Nathan. With Disney-themed quizzes, wedding-themed Dingbats, and the classic ‘pin the veil on the bride’ game. 

As the sun shone brightly, Kaylie and her loved ones raised a toast with alcohol-free prosecco, wishing her and Nathan all the best for their wedding in 2025!

We wish Kaylie every success as she embarks on the next chapter of her recovery.