Ivetsey Bank Hospital and Foxley Lane collaborate on a Christmas project

Ivetsey Bank Hospital and Foxley Lane collaborate on a Christmas project

Two handmade Christmas cards.

Ivetsey Bank Hospital, our child and adolescent mental health service in Staffordshire, and Foxley Lane, our residential living care service in Croydon, have collaborated on an extraordinary Christmas project!

Interim Manager Rebecca Crawford at Foxley Lane contacted Ivetsey Bank headteacher, Angela Hudgell, to propose working on a joint Christmas project.

The project was to involve the young people designing personal Christmas cards for the residents at Foxley Lane to help them understand disabilities and people living with disabilities. Rebecca and her team collated some information about the residents, including their likes and dislikes. The students used this information to create wonderful Christmas cards for the residents based on their favourite things. They also included written messages to add some Christmas joy to the cards.

Rebecca Crawford, Interim Manager at Foxley Lane, said: “There is some brilliant artwork on the cards, and all of them fit with our residents’ favourite things. It’s been lovely to give them out and read them the messages written by the young people.”

Once designed, the cards were delivered and distributed to the residents, who were overjoyed with them. In addition, the cards were also sent to the residents’ families who had lots of praises for the young people at Ivetsey Bank.

Here are some of the lovely comments from family members:

“These are amazing. Thank you and those wonderful children so much! I am very, very impressed — again, wonderful.”

“The care that has been taken to make them personalised to everyone there is so amazing and lovely — the cards could be sold.”

“They are amazing, and it’s interesting to see the different subjects they have chosen! I love the monkey, the cat and Daniel O’Donnell!”