Introducing Actively Diverse

Introducing Actively Diverse


Earlier this month our first Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Steering Committee met, this is an exciting step forward for Active Care Group.

The purpose of the Committee is to provide direction for the already established ED&I Forum and the new Women’s Network Group that will be launched shortly, and to make sure that Active Care Group continue to put inclusivity at the top of our agenda – ensuring that they are Actively Diverse.

Sylvia Tang, CEO, chairs the Committee as the Group’s Executive Sponsor for ED&I and there are representatives from across the group.

The committee was joined by our new Independent Advisor for ED&I, Nash Momori. Nash has been working as an Expert by Experience with Holybourne House for many years, and more recently Ivetsey Bank, and Kings Norton. Please read more about Nash here.

The committee will be meeting monthly in the short term so that they can give this important topic the focus it needs and start to move forward on the new strategy.