International Women’s Day at Active Care Group

International Women’s Day at Active Care Group

Shiena wearing a purple head scarf.

To mark International Women’s Day 2024, on Friday 8 March 2024, we sat down with Shiena Rebaya, one of the many inspirational women who work for Active Care Group, to discuss her career journey with us so far.  

Shiena came to the UK as an international student nurse after years of experience working in hospitals across the United Arab Emirates and the Philippines. As an international student nurse, Shiena had to undergo a series of exams required by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, including the final exam, OSCE. For her, this was quite challenging, as she failed on the first attempt.

“It was a really big challenge, and for me, it was a test of faith because I kept failing in one single criteria. It was quite hard to adjust at that time because I was new to the country, and there was pressure to pass the OSCE on top of that, as it can only be taken up to three times.”

While navigating a new country, a new job, and the absence of her loved ones, Shiena was determined and finally passed the OSCE and started working as a newly qualified registered nurse at Lane Fox Remeo Respiratory Centre.

At Remeo, she felt and still feels supported in everything she does, especially with the courses and training provided. In December 2022, Shiena finished the Advanced Respiratory High-dependency Nursing Course that was delivered by Stella Shailer, Training and Quality Improvement Manager at Remeo, in coordination with the University of Surrey.

In early 2023, Shiena was looking at the roles at Active Care Group within Remeo when she came across the Band-6 position as senior respiratory nurse.

“I asked myself, is it too early for me to apply? I just passed the high-dependency unit, and I was still doubting myself and my capabilities. But then I applied and trusted the process — and finally, I got it! It was a very overwhelming realisation for me.”

Shiena started working as a senior respiratory nurse in April 2023.

Florence Nightingale Foundation

Michelle Freeman, our Hospital Director at Remeo, approached Shiena to ask her if she was interested in any of the Florence Nightingale Foundation (FNF) courses, encouraging her to apply for those that interested her. Following her application in December, Shiena was delighted to receive the confirmation of her place on the FNF Early Career Nurse and Midwife Leadership Programme on 25 January 2024.

The intense short course is due to commence on Tuesday 12 March and will end in June. Shiena will attend the blended learning course, which combines face-to-face classes with remote classes through webinars and teams. In addition, Shiena is looking forward to the new learnings and skills that the FNF will provide that can help her career improve and can be applied in her current job at Remeo.

“I am so proud of myself knowing that hundreds applied for the programme, and I’m so blessed to be included, along with other 20 nurses in my cohort. I am so excited, and I think this course will help me develop my leadership qualities and skills. 

“The aim of the programme is to develop leadership identity, capacity and capability and to influence organisational and patient outcomes at local, systems, national and international levels of healthcare delivery. 

“I’m still in the process of exploring and learning how to manage the nurses and other Allied Health Professionals in my shift, and more importantly, the safety of the patients is of utmost priority at all times. That’s why I’m looking forward to what the programme can offer me regarding team leading and managing people in the workplace.

“I am encouraging everyone, especially nurses, to grab all the opportunities that come their way. Don’t be afraid, and never doubt yourself. We are all here to learn and explore, and nursing is a continuous process of learning and adapting. And for me, I see myself engaging in training, courses, and programmes that will be offered in the future.”

Michelle Freeman added:

“We have a strong leadership development programme at Remeo to ensure patient and colleague safety and sustainability for our future in healthcare. Everyone brings a different story about how they reached their goals and achievements, and Shiena’s story is inspirational for so many nurses. I am really proud that another Remeo nurse has been recognised and has gained a place in the prestigious Florence Nightingale Leadership programme.”

Shiena’s journey is so inspirational, and we cannot wait to hear more about it. For now, we would like to say a massive congratulations and good luck with her FNF Early Career Nurse and Midwife Leadership Programme.

You are an inspiration to us all!