Selecting the right care

We want to help make the decision making process for selecting the best care easier for you, by providing you with an outline of the key stages when making this decision.

What care options are available?

There are many different flexible care options available:

  • Community based therapy and support organised privately
  • Care in the home organised through a company on a live in or live out basis
  • Residential or Nursing home

The most suitable care option will often depend on the condition of the person who the care is for, including factors such as mobility, as well as other care support available and how the care will be funded.

What will it cost and can I get funding support?

The cost varies on the condition of the individual and the complexity of the care required. This will be assessed by the various care providers in line with local authority health professionals’ guidelines.

There are three main funding options:

  • Social Services funding / Continuing Health Care funding
  • Personal Health Budgets
  • Private funding

How to select the best care for you?

We have experienced Business Development Managers (BDMs) across the United Kingdom who will be able to discuss your situation and advise you about the best options to suit your needs.

They can do this on the phone or visit you to discuss all care options.
We can support you to liaise with your funders to ensure that you get the best outcome for you.

Once this initial pre-assessment information gathering process has been completed, the BDM will arrange for one of our Care Service Managers to undertake a free formal assessment and to talk in more detail about your specific support needs and the most suitable options available.

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