Great British Care Awards Finalist 2020 – Fiona Sernberg!

Great British Care Awards Finalist 2020 – Fiona Sernberg!


We are pleased to announce that Active Care Group’s Quality Partner Fiona Sernberg is a finalist for the ‘Great British Care Awards – Social Care COVID Hero’ award for her tremendous role during the pandemic and supporting of Jane Lewis. What an amazing achievement! This article will introduce you to our extraordinary Fiona Sernberg and her triumphs throughout the pandemic.

With a background in nursing for over 30 years, Fiona has gained her high skill set from her experience in being an ex-military army nursing officer, to working in clinical services and overseas. Fiona joined Jane Lewis in 2018 and has since moved to Active Care Group in March 2021 in which she directs quality and governance for the group in the North.

During the outbreak of the virus, Fiona quickly introduced various measures for everyone’s safety and to prepare the whole group for the pandemic ahead. Drawing on her previous experience, she kept up to date with the government guidelines to keep everyone safe including our service users, staff, contractors, etc. To keep everyone, calm during the months of uncertainty, Fiona maintained excellent communication through regularly updated blogs, podcasts, dissemination of COVID bundles, and toolkits. Fiona also worked collaboratively across the group and took the lead by ensuring a focus on mental health to build peoples resilience.

“We have been innovative in what we have done, by looking at different platforms for communication, fact sheets, developing risk assessment and developing training from scratch. Being responsible for all 56 companies within the group has been a challenge, however we are so proud to be able to say that due to the hard work in maintaining COVID-19, we created an environment that kept our staff safe.”

With the award ceremony being unfortunately delayed adhering to government guidelines, Fiona has had a prestigious invitation to a VIP afternoon tea event taking place at the House of Lords in July alongside high-ranking healthcare individuals as a thank you to all of the finalists.

“I’m very excited to attend the House of Lords to network and socialise amongst other healthcare professionals! To get through to being a finalist for the Great British Care Awards is an amazing opportunity, especially due to the big sized field this year. Even if I do not win, I am glad to give recognition to Jane Lewis and putting us on the frontline for our extraordinary work throughout the last year.”

We are so proud of Fiona Sernberg and the Jane Lewis team for their hard work, and we cannot wait to see photographs and hear all about Fiona’s visit to the House of Lords.

Once again, congratulations Fiona!