Free Wheeling Fun for residents at Murdostoun

Free Wheeling Fun for residents at Murdostoun


Fun was had by all who recently participated in a “Free Wheeling” fun event with some of the residents from Murdostoun Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Neurological Care Centre, Scotland 😀

Our Assistant Psychologist, Steven Wilson said:

“For some residents, cycling was a premorbid hobby they used to enjoy. They really enjoyed the afternoon, partly because they had not been on a bike for several years, so it was quite exciting, and also it was a day out of the unit to enjoy the fresh air.

“It was seen as an opportunity for them to develop a hobby of cycling again as part of their rehab. One important goal for residents is that they have healthy ways to occupy their time when they leave – this was a great opportunity to rekindle the joy of cycling.

“It was great exercise, good for everyone’s mood, and it was fun!”