Foxley Lane and Mayfield Road kitchens achieve highest five star food hygiene ratings

Foxley Lane and Mayfield Road kitchens achieve highest five star food hygiene ratings

A chef in the kitchen stirring a pot.

The kitchens at Foxley Lane and Mayfield Road have both received the highest possible five star food hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency. This outstanding achievement reflects the hard work and dedication of the cooking staff and care teams in maintaining excellent food safety and hygiene standards. Foxley Lane is our residential living care service in Croydon and Mayfield Road is our residential living care service in Surrey.

“The kitchen is the heart of a home and a place where memories are made and seasoned with love,” said Benedicta Ocran  the cook at Mayfield Road. “For Mayfield to get five stars, it was not by my effort alone. I was supported by the whole Mayfield team, which I really appreciate.”

Victor Edosomwan, a senior support worker at Mayfield Road, expressed his pride in the five star rating, “It was an incredible feeling to know our hard work and dedication were recognised and appreciated. The whole team supported each other throughout the process, and it was amazing to see our efforts pay off so positively!”

Rebecca Crawford, the Service Manager for Foxley Lane and Mayfield Road, highlighted the importance of food safety, “Many of our residents have health conditions, so it’s especially important we follow guidelines to prevent any avoidable illnesses. 

“I was overjoyed to see how seriously we take this reflected in both services receiving the highest five star rating within a month of each other.”.

Gayathri Gangireddy, Deputy Manager at Foxley Lane, added, “Our team always ensures we provide the right care to residents in all aspects, including the kitchen. It’s great that we can give residents some of their favourite foods, while maintaining the highest expected standards.”.

The five star ratings demonstrate Active Care Group’s unwavering commitment to ensuring residents receive nutritious, delicious meals, prepared with exceptional food hygiene practices. Well done to the cooks, care staff, and everyone involved in this outstanding achievement!

A chef in the kitchen.