Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Everyone at Active Care Group is committed to continuing to make diversity, equality, and inclusion part of everything we do. This is a place where every great idea can be heard, and everybody belongs.

We're proud to provide equal opportunities to everyone.

As a multi-award-winning specialist care provider we understand that people have different needs. Since our inception everyone at Active Care Group has strived not only to provide care of the highest quality, but provide an all-inclusive workplace that matches our care standards.

We work and live in a world that is growing and evolving every day, our role is to improve people’s quality of lives, making life better for everyone we employ and care for. Our innovation springs from a team of individuals, each collaborating and contributing their own perspectives, knowledge, and experience to advance the way we work as a whole.

Active Care Group has had an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy with an extensive action plan since our inception, which evolved with our workforce as we continued to grow and provide more care nationally.

However on conducting a review we are prioritising certain elements of this in order to have a sustained and meaningful impact for everyone associated with the group.

We make the following commitments:

  • We aim to become an inclusive employer
  • Our colleagues will be able to be themselves and be supported to be their best
  • No one will feel they are being treated differently
  • We will have a just and learning culture



Our lead for diversity and inclusion is our Chief Executive Officer Keith Browner. The action we will take in the next year to 18 months will be to collect all applicant and colleague lifecycle data and understand our baseline position. We will share this data and make commitments to improve where we need to improve.

We will set quality improvement projects aligned with our commitment to improve and this will be the foundation of our diversity and inclusion forum. We will also collect data on people we care for. This will also link to our human rights work which will feed into our whole approach to clinical work and care delivery. We will review our digital presence, our policies and our content in line with our commitments and conduct equality impact assessments on strategies and policies.

We encourage our colleagues to report any specific concerns relating to equality, diversity and inclusion along with any other concerns either to our speak up champions, line managers on 0800 915 1571

Keith Browner

Chief Executive Officer