Our response and current action
to the COVID-19 crisis

6th July

Visitor Guidance

Despite the recent relaxation seen across the country in terms of lockdown and social distancing, there are no changes being implemented in relation to visiting practices across the Active Care Group at this present time.

As lockdown easements are underway, the Government is yet to provide guidance for the Adult Social Care industry on what happens next in care homes.

Since 18 March 2020 we have not allowed visitors, other than clinicians, to visit our residential homes, services and supported living accommodation. We await further government strategy and guidance to support us with any adjustment to this situation.

Until this guidance is available, we want to thank you for your continued support and understanding, as we concentrate on protecting the most vulnerable people within our care.

29th April

A letter from Andrea Kinkade, CEO

Andrea Kinkade, our Active Care Group CEO, has written a letter to our family members to explain how the Active Care Group is responding to the Coronavirus.

Please read the letter here

1st April

Update on our measures

We know that coronavirus is a source of concern right now and we want to let you know what measures we continue to put in place, to ensure the health and safety of our people and clients.

Over the past few weeks our people have risen brilliantly to the unprecedented challenges they have faced. We would also like to recognise and thank our clients, their families/friends and our suppliers for their understanding and support so far in relation to some of the changes we have made. Please be aware of the following measures in place.

We have successfully mobilised our office-based teams to work from home continuing to support our field based teams.

Our talented teams and therapists are coming up with creative ideas to keep our clients engaged and active. We are using digital tools to connect clients with their families and friends and we have also created virtual community networks between our services. Our therapists are providing remote sessions to maintain the mental and physical wellbeing of our clients, as well as our own teams.


Here are some examples of the how we are keeping our clients active and engaged:

In our residential services, staff have organised ‘Joe Wicks’ style on-line fitness sessions from Justin their sports therapist; Karaoke sessions; disco dancing and ‘walk with your manager’ for their daily exercise activity and introduced skype messaging and ‘visiting through the window’ to keep communication with their families, as well as lots of different activities including Easter themed arts & crafts and online origami to increase engagement and reduce the impact of social distancing and self isolation.

Within our case management division, Neural Pathway therapists are using Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp and Zoom to continue offering neuro-therapy to their clients and are delighted to see it working well. One therapist had an excellent experience with a client who is self-isolating. His family are finding isolation a real challenge, but hearing her son sing his heart out, listening to his play list whilst on his bike, following treatment instructions delivered via video link was a heart-lifting moment.

Anglia Case Management are launching their 30 day Occupational Therapists challenge!

Northern Case Management staff have set up a virtual gallery of activities, with photos from participants shared on Twitter using the hashtag #NCMproductivityispositivity


We are committed to looking after our clients during this challenging time. Since the outbreak, we have issued practical advice and training to our people about infection control and have shared the latest Government guidance. Importantly, we need your help as family members/friends. We need you to respect and adhere to the social distancing measures and communicate with your loved ones remotely. Every visitor to a client’s home places the client and the carer at risk of infection. We know this will be difficult for many but it is a necessary step to ensure we limit the risk of infection.

We are closely monitoring advice on COVID-19 to ensure we take all the steps necessary to protect our vulnerable clients and our people who continue to provide them with high quality care.

Thank you once again for your understanding and support. We will continue to update you as things change over the coming weeks.

17th March

Visitor Guidance

Following the revised guidance provided by the UK Government on 16 March 2020 Active Care Group has taken the decision to take stringent measures to keep our clients, patients and employees as safe as possible.

With effect from 18 March 2020, we will not be allowing visitors (unless clinicians), to visit our residential homes, services and supported living accommodation until further notice.

This decision has been taken in order to keep your loved ones and our other clients and employees as safe as possible. We have not taken this decision lightly and we appreciate that this may cause some discomfort but we feel that this is a necessary step to protect our clients, people and local communities.

We would like to reassure you that we will be working with our clients to maintain levels of activity and social interaction in order to keep our clients engaged and reduce the impact to their normal routine. Contact will also be available via Skype or alternative social media applications.

Be reassured that our people are continuously enforcing high standards of hygiene across Active Care Group and supporting our clients to maintain high standards of hand hygiene to protect us from the spread of coronavirus.

Active Care Group is closely monitoring advice on the COVID-19 outbreak and we feel the decision to stop visitors is the right action to take to protect our vulnerable clients.

We thank you for your continued support.