Ventilation and Respiratory

Ventilation and airway management is required to support individuals who have difficulties with their breathing due to a complex health condition.

This is a clinical process involving helping an individual with their breathing, through tracheostomy care, mechanical ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and potential suctioning to clear the airways.

How can we support someone with respiratory support needs?

We support people who experience breathing difficulties related to a complex health condition, whether that involves home mechanical ventilation, non-invasive ventilation or airway management.

All our carers complete an in-house training course led by a specialist nurse to gain the necessary understanding and skills to provide ventilator support, cough assist, tracheostomy care, oxygen therapy, pulse oximetry, suctioning, nebulizers and enteral feeding tube care. Once key clinical competencies are signed off, new staff then follow a period of shadowing until they are competent to provide support on their own.

We take a holistic approach to ventilation and airway management care, considering both the physical and psychological effects of the condition and carefully adapting our level of support according to an individual’s needs.

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