Learning Disabilities & Autism

A learning disability is organic and developed in the womb, and affects the way a person learns new things throughout their lifetime. This means that people with learning disabilities often require support with everyday activities and developing daily living skills.

People with learning disabilities may have additional needs, and there is a strong link with associated autistic spectrum, personality disorders, mental health conditions, forensic support and complex neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our bespoke service ensures that each individual receives the support that they need, regardless of their diagnosis.

How do we support someone with learning disabilities?

We treat everyone as an individual — taking great care to get to understand each person’s needs, experiences, goals or aspirations and to offer support that reflects all these things. We are committed to supporting individuals to reach their full potential and strive for independence, however that looks to them.

Making sure that we involve all relevant professionals and specialists is key to developing the right support, regular reviews allow us to adapt and evolve support plans as and when they are needed. Our wide range of services also offer the opportunity for individuals to develop into my independent accommodation wherever possible, and some people may gain daily living skills within a residential setting and then move to a more independent supported living environment for the next step of their journey.

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