Brain Injury

Each year over 250,000 people are admitted to hospital in the UK with an acquired brain injury. An acquired brain injury (ABI) is an injury caused to the brain not present at birth, and can result from many different causes including, a fall, road traffic incident or stroke.

A brain injury can impact people in many ways, including physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioural and personality changes. The psychological impact of these changes can often be one of the hardest to overcome and must never be overlooked.

How do we support someone with a brain injury?

Accredited by Headway UK across a number of our services, we have proven our ability to meet the needs of those with an acquired brain injury through community rehabilitation, providing the support they need. Our team are experts in re-enablement, supporting people who may have associated cognitive, communication, physical, emotional, behavioural, social and vocational needs.

We work with individuals to develop independence in all areas of their daily living and social activities. Our clinical team and therapists provide holistic support around health, well-being, and therapeutic input, enabling us to work closely with experts to identify, monitor and achieve short, medium and long-term rehabilitation goals.

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