Adult Care

We support adults with a range of complex acquired and congenital health conditions — in their own home, on a live in or live out basis, or within a residential or supported living setting.

Our approach is always to put the person at the centre of everything we do, considering not just their health, but their happiness. Our aim is to deliver better quality of life. We take great care to get to know each person – their daily lifestyle, preferences, aspirations, family, friends, religious or cultural beliefs – always looking at the whole individual, not just their condition.

How do we support adults with complex healthcare needs?

For complex care support in the home, our dedicated care service managers (CSMs) work with hospitals, the local CCG, GPs and others to ensure that personalised care plans and specialist equipment are in place prior to someone’s discharge home. We also attend multi-disciplinary meetings and reviews to assess an individual’s evolving needs, develop the care plan accordingly and put in place appropriate risk assessments.

To deliver quality care in the home, our recruitment team recruit carers who are compatible with an individual and his or her family. The carers then receive in-depth training according to a client’s specific needs by a registered nurse, before continuing to care for that client in their home on a live in or live out basis.

In our residential homes, the Registered manager is responsible for overseeing the safety and care of each resident in conjunction with a team of trained support staff.

We also work with local healthcare professionals to develop support plans, establish new goals and outcomes and closely tailor our care to the individual’s needs.

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