Celebrating Autism Acceptance Week: 20 years at Moorpark Place

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Week: 20 years at Moorpark Place

Sharon posing with her 20 year certificate.

This week is Autism Acceptance Week, it’s a time for supporting and celebrating people with autism. At Active Care Group, this week is important to us because we care for so many people with autism, and their families, at our services up and down the country. So to help mark this week, we spoke to Senior Carer Sharon Kane, who has just celebrated 20 years working at Moorpark Place, one of our services which does just that. 

Sharon’s story is not just about her 20-year career at Moorpark  it’s a testament to the transformative power of care, and the journey Active Care Group has been on. “When I started my career in care 20 years ago, Moorpark was a shell and a work site,” Sharon said. 

“I spent six weeks in a caravan in Ayr with a resident and I’d never worked in care previously,” Sharon said. Despite initial doubts, Sharon’s commitment was strengthened by a simple question from her mother: “Who’s going to look after that girl if you don’t go back?” 20 years later, Sharon is still there caring for more people just like the girl she first met all that time ago.

Over the decades, Sharon has witnessed remarkable transformations, both in the individuals she cares for and in herself. “I have seen a lot of changes in the 20 years but all for the better,” she reflects. Sharon has witnessed the team there reach new heights, embracing their full potential each and every day. Despite all the happy memories, she still gets sad when residents move on because of the special bond she tries to make with all our residents. 

“At the end of my shift, I go home and know I have improved the quality of someone’s day,” Sharon shares. 

Sharon most enjoys the fun activities they organise at Moorpark every week — a trip to the cinema, the trampoline park, fairground, or shared hobbies like trainspotting. It’s those moments of joy and connection that Sharon enjoys the most about working at Moorpark Place. 

However, Sharon’s story wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging all her colleagues. “I have a great team which makes my job that bit better.” Sharon says her favourite quote at work is: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” It’s through doing just this that the team at Moorpark continues to create a nurturing environment where our residents thrive.