Sean – Ventilation & Respiratory

Sean was diagnosed with spinal injury following a mistreated abscess when he was 17 years old.

Since the injury, Sean has been living with his parents, two lovely dogs and a pet tortoise in his home. Active Assistance has provided a dedicated live-in and live-out care team of Personal Assistants since 2014.

Although, Sean is able to direct his care, due to his level of injury, his respiratory function is severely affected and requires a team of clinically competent (ventilator, tracheostomy) Personal Assistants to support him all day around.

Sean is a passionate football supporter of Liverpool FC, and likes weekends away to support his team on the pitch.

Sean says, “Ever since Active supported me, I have been able to travel to see my team play football, home and away. They also bring peace of mind for my parents when they are away. That’s why I love Active Assistance!”