Nick – Complex Care

Nick complex care
In March 2000, Nick dived into the sea unfortunately hitting some underlying rocks at the bottom of the sea and shattering three vertebrae in his neck. He has been paralysed from the neck down since.

After nearly two years in hospital and three years living in a hostel for people with disabilities, Nick was ready to move back home. His social worker recommended Active Assistance due to our specialism in providing care for people with a spinal injury and the excellent knowledge our Personal Assistant’s (PAs) have of spinal injury and the risks and needs associated with it.

For the first few years Nick had many different PAs, then in 2007 Anna became his permanent PA. She has been working with Nick for nearly 12 years now.

Nick says, “I find it very reassuring that I can rely on having the same PA working with me long term. She knows and understands my needs and preferences.

Anna has been great support to me over the years and definitely made a difference in my wellbeing. One of the great things about Active, is that they have continued to provide continuity with the PA’s, even providing the same PA to cover Anna’s breaks! So I don’t need to worry about explaining my preferences to someone every time my PA is away.

Over the years I have experienced a few difficulties and Active has always been there to support me and take my concerns into account. My Care Service Manager has been a great support to both myself and my PA when difficulties arise. I can’t imagine my life being as easy if Active Assistance hadn’t been there to provide me with their support.”