Mick – Brain Injury

Mick is 45 years old, and married with three teenage children. He was referred to Anglia Case Management‘s Community Rehabilitation Service (CRS) following an acquired brain injury, for a detailed Occupational Therapy assessment, including return to work potential.

The team carried out assessments at home and in the community.

The CRS developed a rehabilitation programme for Mick.

This included:

  • Recommending specialist equipment
  • Referral to and joint working with psychology
  • Structuring weekly activities both at home and in the community
  • Teaching and practising use of compensatory cognitive strategies

The CRS recommended and supported Mick to start as a volunteer gardener, initially one day a week. Mick’s confidence, self-esteem and stamina increased rapidly whilst volunteering and as he progressed, the team had regular placement review meetings to ensure he had appropriate duties and responsibilities.

After approximately 6 months, the volunteer centre were keen to offer Mick paid employment. The CRS team were successful in securing funding for this, and Mick is now employed 3 days a week. He is delighted to have returned to employment.

Mick told ACM: “Having been a coach driver all my life, I’d never have thought it possible I could work with delicate little plants. I couldn’t have done it without your help.”

Home rehabilitation continues on a weekly basis to support his transition into employment and address other goal areas in order to further improve his quality of life and, with ACM’s support, Mick is learning to balance home, work and family life demands.