Mark – Brain injury

Braing Injury Case In 2000, while out cycling, Mark was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained a severe brain injury leaving him with long term physical and cognitive impairments, including speech dysphasia, severe short-term memory problems, poor balance, weakness in his right arm and leg, incontinence and epilepsy.

Following his litigation claim, Mark purchased his own bungalow which was adapted to suit his needs. With funds from Mark’s claim, combined with provision from the local authority, Mark’s deputy commissioned a 24-hour care package with Active Assistance to support him to live as independently as possible in his own home. Mark now a wheelchair user, needed someone with him to assist with his personal care, activities of daily living and to support him in his new situation.

Mark was involved in selecting a team of support staff who worked on a 24-hour rota with sleeping nights. Mark and his team got to know and form relationships with each other, and his team were able to anticipate his needs and manage the areas of his life that caused him anxiety.

The care plan allowed for manageable daily activities, goals and new experiences to provide Mark with a sense of control over his life, while being mindful of his need for regular routines and familiarity to avoid him feeling disorientated and confused.

Having joined the Royal Navy on leaving school, Mark particularly enjoys regular trips to Plymouth Hoe and to Devonport to look at the naval ships. Mark also began taking regular holidays with his team, and visited a number of destinations in the UK and abroad.

In October 2012, Mark was diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes and in 2017, he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. Despite deterioration in his health, Mark’s funding was reduced and his care package reviewed. Mark was told by his local authority that he may have to move to a residential home. Mark was adamant that he did not want to do this.

Active Assistance fought to respect Mark’s wishes and re-worked his care package to a different model so that Mark was provided with the continuity of care he needed to stay in his own home.

Mark says: “I am a lucky man, all my Active PA team care for me well, with respect and dignity at all times. We make trips to the sea front and the local river, so I can see the waterfront and watch the movement of boats or ships and remember my time in the navy.”