Chris – Learning Disabilities

Chris has a diagnosis of Severe Autism, Learning Disability, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Post Demand Avoidance Syndrome. Chris was sectioned under the Mental Health Act one year prior to moving into Burbank Mews, following various incidents of challenging behaviour, violence and aggression.

During his placement, the staff team have been trained through Positive Behaviour Support to develop a support plan and manage his behaviour through consistent support and involvement in activities which he enjoys. He has also been taught independent living skills, such as learning to cook and helping out with his own laundry.

Regular reviews of his behaviour, have helped to identify triggers and how to avoid these in future. By filling his days with meaningful activities, Chris’ anxieties have been significantly decreased, resulting in a dramatic reduction in the number of incidents of challenging behaviour. Chris’ life has been transformed and is now in a position where he could consider looking for voluntary employment. Chris’ relationship with his family has improved greatly and he has made friends within his local community.

Chris’ mum said: “Chris is a lot healthier and he’s coming on loads. He is very happy with his life doing lots of activities that he enjoys.”