Anne – Adult Care

Anne adult care
Anne was born with cerebral palsy and later on she developed chronic arthritis in her hips.

For many years, Anne was able to live independently in her own home, getting around on her knees. However, as her arthritis became more severe, she became dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

Anne has had a live-in team of Personal Assistants from Active Assistance since 2010. Having live in Personal Assistant’s (PAs) has enabled Anne to pursue her love of animals and she now has two dogs of her own. The PAs help Anne by taking the dogs for long walks and making sure they are fed and bathed.

Anne says, “Up until January 2010, I was quite mobile and got around on my knees. Then my arthritis put me in a wheelchair and I had to have carers. In November that year, I found Active Assistance and that has made a big difference to my life. It has given me back the independence I had lost.”