Blackheath host their annual staff recognition awards

Blackheath host their annual staff recognition awards

Staff members smiling at the camera as Sara receives her award.

Our Blackheath Brain Injury Rehabilitation Centre in London recently held their annual staff recognition awards.

The awards celebrate the wonderful work of all staff at the service. This year the awards were hosted with a winter wonderland theme.

Staff nominated their colleagues by choosing a name for each category, including the reasons for nominating them. The nominations were then collated by Ashley Honeyman (Hospital Director), Mary Alusa (Matron) and Lisa Robertson (Quality and Compliance Administrator) who counted the votes.

Matron Mary Alusa, alongside Head of Services Otuo Konadu, presented the awards.

The award categories and winners were:

Shining star award

For being the ‘shining star’ of the service who always goes above and beyond.

  • Winner: Kristina Chart, Clinical Administrator
  • Runner up: Judith Thomas Brown, Occupational Therapist Assistant


Leading by example award

For leading by example.

  • Winner: Theresa Bintoh, Lead Physiotherapist
  • Runner up: Patricia Chindawi, Ward Manager


Team player award

For having great team players.

  • Winner: Physiotherapy
  • Runner up: Housekeeping


Kind and honest award

For displaying kind and honest behaviour (a group behaviour of our organisation).

We know when colleagues are being kind and honest when they genuinely care and ‘check in’ with others, take the time to get to know an individual’s needs, care about an individual’s health and wellbeing, regularly acknowledge individual and team efforts, and create a supportive environment.

  • Winner: Naa Dedei Okine, Staff Nurse
  • Runner up: Anthony Dodds in housekeeping


Listen, learn and act award

For displaying listen, learn and act behaviour (a group behaviour of our organisation).

We know when colleagues listen, learn and act when they always take the time to listen to others, inspire innovation and creativity, put the interests of patients, residents and colleagues first, learn from mistakes or challenge the status quo, have made a positive change to a process, and seek to do their best every single day.

  • Winner: Sara Van Reeken, Occupational Therapist
  • Runner up: Tania Franks, Physiotherapist Assistant


Fair and inclusive award

For displaying fair and inclusive behaviour (a group behaviour of our organisation).

We know when colleagues are being fair and inclusive when they promote and celebrate individual differences, encourage colleagues to be their true selves while at work, always treat people fairly and equally, are respectful of other individual’s background and cultural differences, listen and value all contributions equally, create an inclusive environment, and encourage open, trusted communication.

  • Winner: Theresa Bintoh, Lead Physiotherapist
  • Runner up: Lisa Robertson, Quality and Compliance Administrator


Patients’ choice award

A new award introduced this year where the patients chose a staff member who they feel is doing a wonderful job at the service.

  • Winner: Nathanael Clarke, Rehabilitation Assistant


What our winners said:

Kristina Chart, winner of the shining star award, said: “I am very, very pleased to have won. I have only been working at Blackheath since May 2023, so it was great to receive this award and be appreciated. I am enjoying working at Blackheath. It is a great place, the team are welcoming and inclusive, and it is a safe setting to learn and shine.”

Naa Dedei Okine, winner of the kind and honest award, said: “Being a staff nurse at Blackheath has created a space for me to be my authentic self and to align this with my work in practice. I am honoured that my work ethic has been noticed by everyone at the service. Thank you for my award. I will continue to be the best version of myself for patients and staff.”