AJ Case Management Client, who sustained a traumatic brain injury, moves into their own home for the first time

AJ Case Management Client, who sustained a traumatic brain injury, moves into their own home for the first time

There are items on a table including a bottle of Prosecco, keys, and a card that reads 'happy new home'.
There are items on a table including a bottle of Prosecco, keys, and a card that reads 'happy new home'.

Alex*, a client of AJ Case Management, sustained a traumatic brain injury at 17 years old which resulted in memory, problem solving, and communication issues.

Following initial therapy, Alex settled into a very different life than before his injury and lived in his family home until he was 65 years old.

Two years ago, AJ Case Management were asked by the financial deputy to get involved in the process of moving Alex out of his family home. Alex’s Mum and Stepdad are elderly, and his siblings live with their own families, so the family were unable to keep up the level of care required.

The team at AJ explained to Alex’s parents that it was not as simple as moving him into a new property. A significant change like this could leave him vulnerable, isolated and traumatised by the experience.

The process of preparing Alex for this exciting milestone, began with Therapists completing initial assessments, followed by recommendations for therapy to prepare him for moving house. The complex issues of assessing Alex’s mental capacity of deciding where to live and exploring any alternative options to him leaving his family home were also taken into consideration.

It was important that the team at AJ encouraged Alex throughout the process to engage within the community, to reduce the possibility of him becoming isolated once moving out of his family home. Therapists were then able to assess the levels of vulnerability, complete risk assessments, and plan how to keep him safe while maximising his independence.

Our excellent Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant was a huge factor in the prevention of Alex’s isolation. A big step in this process was encouraging Alex to challenge the negative self-image that he had, and gradually helping him to build confidence, which would ultimately allow him to engage within the community.

AJ Case Management needed to find a property that could offer a level of care support reflecting Rehab Therapy hours to maintain safety, maximise independence, and provide support without being restrictive. All of this while also having the flexibility to increase or decrease these hours, as needed over time.

Once Alex was in this home environment, therapists could then get a better understanding of his needs. It was important to determine how much of Alex’s daily living activities he needed support with such as washing, cleaning, cooking and shopping.

AJ Case Management have been involved with Alex for over two years and it was a joy to see him get the keys to his very own bungalow on 11th September 2023. The property is situated within a supported living complex, very near to Alex’s family and the amenities and locations he is familiar with.

After collecting his keys and entering his home for the first time, Alex popped open a bottle of fizz and held a toast to his new home!

The entire therapy team, deputy and family are so pleased and proud of Alex for taking such a huge step, and while there is still much work to be done, the two years of therapy have been a great success and a huge boost to his self-belief. Alex is proud of his achievements so far, and excited for the opportunities and adventures still to come.

Alex has been enjoying shopping for furniture and items for his new home with his Rehabilitation Therapy Support worker. He has had therapy sessions in his family home in preparation for moving into his bungalow and staying overnight. This has gradually built up into staying in his bungalow for longer days and nights until a full transition had been achieved.

Congratulations from the AJ Case Management team and good luck in your new home!

*For the purpose of this article and privacy of the client, their name has been changed.