Active Care Group launch new employer branding

Active Care Group launch new employer branding

Three phones showing the new branding.

Today, we are launching our new, fresh and exciting employer branding. This reflects feedback and themes shared by colleagues across the group after a series of engagement events held by Electric Circus last autumn. The aim was to develop an employer value proposition (EVP) through a series of initial in-person and virtual sessions to enable colleagues across the company to discuss the things that represent their reality of working for us. 

The ideas and feedback that came out of those sessions were then distilled into key messages to portray to candidates. They will also serve as a reminder to all colleagues of the importance of talking about this as we strive to be the UK’s very best employer.  

“The feedback, research and stories shared will help us build brand awareness and attract more people to join our teams by communicating a bolder, clearer strategy alongside our leadership principles.

“In the past we have not been front of mind with job hunters and are often confused with being an agency, not a leading healthcare provider. This will help us enormously with recruitment and retention and to continue to build a ‘buzz’ and pride around becoming, and being, an Active Care Group employee,” — Richard Young, Director of Talent Acquisition at Active Care Group.

New visuals and themes have been created that will be used in our internal communications, on our careers section of our website, in our recruitment marketing and across social media platforms. Those themes emphasise the challenge of working in the sector, the teamwork, the capabilities and talent within the team, that the company is growing and evolving, and that personal development is part of that. 

One of the main themes is ‘we will cherish every person’ and that means cherishing every moment. Moments can be opportunities to connect with our service users to assess their needs, to provide support and when work is challenging, to give reassurance and to build hope. 

From Monday 11 March, all job adverts will have eye-catching and powerful images which feature our employees and our patients, residents, and clients. The imagery will also feature some doodles which capture ‘micro-moments’ — celebrations, recovery, diversity, thank yous, and even a comforting cup of tea.  

Richard says, “I’m so grateful for the engagement of colleagues in this process, and that real people across Active Care Group have shared their thoughts with us, and that we have real people in our imagery alongside the creative illustrations to create a fresh new way to present who we are”.