Active Care Group install digital notice boards

Active Care Group install digital notice boards

Reception desk with a screen behind it on the wall.

Holybourne Hospital, Hall Road, and Prospect Court are our first services to have new digital screens!

Over the coming weeks, a phased rollout of digital screens will take place in various services, with our internal communications team and estates team working together on a carefully planned approach to ensure minimal disruption and maximum benefit.

The implementation of new digital screens across our services aligns with our commitment to innovation and improving the overall experience for our colleagues, patients, residents, service users, families, and visitors.

The digital notice screens will target one of three discrete purposes:

  • Entrance hall signage to introduce visitors to the service, celebrate resident activities, and introduce colleagues at the service.
  • Resident and patient-focused screens which display our daily activities, menus, colleagues on shift, and announce upcoming activities.
  • Colleague screens setting out corporate messaging, health and safety information, and staff reminders.

Keith Browner, our Chief Executive Officer, said:

“In the same vein as our new colleague app, ECHO, the digital screens will enhance how we communicate, allowing us to reach colleagues and empower us to share real-time information, creating more dynamic and engaging experiences with localised and group information.

“Thank you to our colleagues for their continued dedication and enthusiasm. Together, we’ll make this digital screen rollout a success and elevate our capabilities to new heights.”

Well done to the teams across the group who have been working hard on the implementation of our digital screens.